Top Places to Visit if You’re a Foodie

Being a foodie nowadays has its perks. The transportation is easy, so going from place to place isn’t a problem anymore. Additionally, the types of different food have increased a lot.

As a foodie, you should not be confined to a single place; you should go out into the world and explore the different cuisines that they offer.

Here is a taste of the top places you need to visit if you have a passion for the finest cuisines available worldwide.

  1. Catalunya, Spain

Filled with a vast amount of culture and different types of food exclusive to this place, foodies will surely love this place.

The food culture that Catalunya offers is neither simple nor bland; it’s actually filled with complexity and astounding taste. Such a place should be visited if you want a taste of the best dishes that only a few could get their taste buds on.

  1. Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy, where the first slice of pizza was created, is a land filled with rich culture and cuisines. This is undoubtedly a must-go-to place if you have the love for dishes with the most extravagant flavor.

You will surely need a lot of time here in Naples for you to be able to taste all that it has to offer, from pizzas to sponge-cakes to macaroni.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

Have a knack for Mediterranean cuisines? Then, Turkey is the right place for you. Turkey has tons to offer – from historical sites to hospitable people. It also offers a rich culture, and of course, delicious cuisines.

Here in Istanbul, Turkey, wherever you turn, delicious food is just right around the corner. If you have the chance to visit Turkey, make sure to try out their Meze, Baklava, Pide, and the best one yet, Doner Kebab.

  1. Hong Kong

Asians are already known for their rich and unique culture and food. Here in Hong Kong, you will be offered the best of the best. Did you know that Hong Kong has Michelin Star restaurants that offer cheap and affordable dim sums?

Another must-try here is the iconic roast goose. The roast goose here in Hong Kong has a taste you will surely never forget; it will undoubtedly bring quite a bit of joy for foodies.

  1. Osaka, Japan

The land of the rising sun has more than just culture to offer; this place also offers unique dishes that any foodie would love to try.

One of the best places to visit in Japan is Osaka, and a must-try is their Okonomiyaki. Osaka is also packed with all sorts of street vendors, food stalls, and restaurants. You will surely enjoy your time tasting all the delicacies that Osaka has to offer.

  1. Mexico City, Mexico

You can’t complete this list without Mexican food. Nothing will surely beat the real authentic Mexican food. From tacos to tamales, to enchiladas and guacamole.

With several delicious and vibrant food, Mexico is a go-to place for foodies with a liking for hot and sour food.

  1. London, England

Last but not least, London, England, is where international food is just right around the corner. Here in London, you can select from several different cuisines that can be found around the world.

Of course, what better way to push down that food than with British teas. Not only does London offer international delicacies, but also fantastic tea-time snacks.


Food always tastes better if it has a pleasing ambiance, and what better way to get the perfect ambiance than to go to the place where the food was created? As a foodie, you should try all the places here on this list; you won’t regret a thing.