Six Easy Yoga Poses for Seniors

The best thing about yoga as a health exercise is that even the elderly can practice it. Yoga has numerous benefits for older people. People at their old age can practice yoga to maintain their balance, maintain bone health and improve their mental health. Yoga further improves concentration and emotional health.

What is more, yoga gives the older population the chance to soothe their mind and brings them together for social wellbeing. However, the older population needs to work on easier yoga poses. Below are some easy yoga poses that will help the older population age gracefully.

  1. Mountain Pose

The mountain pose helps to improve balance and grounding through your feet. Here, a senior stands tall with their big toes touching and their heels together. The abdominals are then drawn in and up while relaxing the shoulders back and down. You should then take five to eight breaths as you actively engage the leg muscles. Mountain pose is a perfect pose for the older population since it keeps their feet strong and healthy.

  1. Bird Dog

Bird dog is an ideal yoga pose in promoting abdominal health and supporting the back. To start the pose, you kneel and stretch your left arm forward and your right leg back while drawing your belly button to your spine. Take a breath and switch sides. Repeat the process five times. This yoga pose is good for the spine, which is important to the aging population. Your brain also becomes younger and your concentration improves through this yoga pose.

  1. Sphinx

Sphinx is a yoga pose that strengthens your upper back and prevents forward head syndrome. It is a gentle pose that opens up your chest and works the rear deltoids. For this pose, one lies down on their stomach while placing the forearms on a mat and keeping their elbows under the shoulders. This is followed by pressing firmly into the arms and drawing the shoulder blades together. The abdominals are lifted in and up taking five to eight breaths.

  1. Tree Pose

Tree pose strengthens your leg and abdominal. As a senior, you will improve your balance and concentration by practicing this pose. To avoid hip problems which are common in the older population, this pose will help in hip mobility.

You should start by standing tall while placing one foot on your opposite inner thigh-below or above your knee. You should then open your leg to the side as you bring the hands to a prayer pose. Stay in this position for five to eight breaths.

  1. Downward Facing Dog

The downward-facing dog is perfect for those in their golden years. It is a great pose for flexibility, joint health, and strengthening your entire body. The pose starts on your hands and knees. Tuck the toes under as you lift the hips up and back.

Make sure that your body has formed a triangle while in this position. Using your core strength and legs, bring your weight back as much as you can. Stay in that position for up to eight breaths and lower down as you repeat this two times.

  1. Savasana

Savasana is a relaxation pose that helps seniors rest. The pose helps in improving your nervous system and restoring your mind’s and body’s peace. To start the pose, lie down as you get support from the floor. Relax your muscles completely and take a breath while lying there and take a restorative break.

At your golden age, these yoga poses are crucial. The poses will strengthen your muscles, joints, organs and give you a young outlook. You will also relieve stress through these easy yoga poses.