Simple Date Ideas You Can Do at Home

Some locations across the world are gradually opening up amid today’s pandemic. Although other people, especially couples who have children to look after, have eventually grown comfortable staying in their homes.

Such a scenario might put outside dating to a halt for now, but it does not entirely mean you cannot do the same with your partner, even just at home.

Here are several basic date ideas you can try out with your partner to add an exciting twist and reignite that romantic relationship.

  1. Cooking Gourmet Dishes

You and your partner can have fun together by concocting restaurant-grade decadent meals. Not only will this activity give you both a revitalized romance, but it will also give you newly discovered kitchen skills and, thus, confidence in the culinary ways.

  1. Tasting Wine

In case you have a few bottles of unopened wine at home, give liquor tasting a try. You only have to pour an adequate amount onto your glasses, taste a couple of brands, and discover your new pick.

Moreover, you can also play a guessing game with your partner by covering the labels and figure out which two products are the cheapest and most expensive.

  1. Sweating Out with Cardio

You and your significant other should step out of your comfort zones and add a slight variation to your standard exercise routine by doing cardio workouts.

Just do an online search for some popular cardio workout videos you can easily follow through, and you are all good. Further, try gearing up with leg warmers and sweatbands for a more immersive experience.

  1. Joining Online Yoga Sessions

If you and your mate are into yoga instead, do a quick online search for available classes. Even though yoga is a toned-down exercise, it can still rejuvenate your overall physical and mental well-being. After following through and doing a series of various postures, you will feel refreshed during the post-workout brief meditation.

  1. Exploring Virtual Museums

The recent pandemic is a perfect time to visit museums over the Internet. A handful of the world’s largest museums are organizing live stream events and virtual tours. This way, it feels like you have taken a trip together while staying in your house.

  1. Starting an Art Challenge

For a more creative date idea, dare your better half to an art showdown. Grab some crayons, markers, pens, watercolors, or any other useful supplies and set a challenge for you both to draw any still-life scene you can see around or think of. To raise the challenge one level, consider drawing a portrait of each other.

  1. Playing Board or Card Games

You might not have realized it, but there is a chance you had bought a board game and kept it in your storage room for a long time.

If so, dust that board game off, play it with your consort, and see who wins the most number of games. Board games are more fun if your kids get to play them, too.

For playing a card game, the only requirement is a deck of cards. There are many to choose from, such as gin rummy, go fish, poker, and war. Luckily, these games can also be played on the web.

  1. Planting in Your Garden

One of the most practical date ideas is planting a handful of herbs and plants that bear fruit. Garden planting will get your hands dirty, but it is indeed a fun activity to spend together and a sensible way to add greenery to your abode. Additionally, it makes your space at home feel lusher and lets you do some harvesting.


While the pandemic has made going out for dates somewhat impossible for now, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a lovely time at home.

The simple date ideas mentioned above are just some of the things you can do to keep the romance alive while staying in the comfort of your own home.