How To Become A Medical Assistant Online in 2021

Working in the medical industry continues to be a very prestigious and lucrative career. If you’re interested in joining the field, it doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars and spend decades in school. Being a doctor is not the only satisfying career in the medical field. Entering a program for medical assistant training takes a lot less time and money, and it can still lead to a lucrative career.

There are a number of different programs for medical assistants, including online degrees and state-funded certification. Search for opportunities near you by looking up programs online.

How To Find A Medical Assistant Program Near You

Finding the right medical assistant program for you is the first step towards a prestigious career. These days, a lot of degrees and educational programs are being completed online. Even careers that normally included mostly in-person learning are now getting online. When you enter a medical assistant program, you can expect to learn a number of skills, including the following:

– HIPAA guidelines and regulations
– Proper lab procedure protocol
– Understanding patient needs
– Administrative duties
– Checking vital signs and drawing blood

Current events require even more schooling to be completed online versus in person. Information sessions can be attended through video calls and other methods. In order to find the best medical assistant program for your needs, you can search for state rankings. It’s important to research thoroughly and make sure that the program meets your needs and career desires.

Medical Assistant Program Costs

The cost for online degrees these days is generally less than in-person learning. Many expenses are eliminated, including transportation costs. Medical assistant programs can often be finished in less than a year, which means quick entry into the workforce. Some programs take 8 to 10 months to complete. The costs vary based on the school. If you wish to become a certified medical assistant, then you might have to study longer than a medical assistant without certification. The exam for a certified medical assistant is 200 questions and is taken at the end of primary courses. An average range of costs for a medical assistant program is between $5,000 and $15,000. Financial aid is usually available for those who need it.

Medical Assistant Careers

The medical assistant field has one of the highest growth potentials in the United States. Not only that, but there’s quite a lot of flexibility in terms of your duties and where you might work. Besides working with patients and working in administrative roles, you also have options to work in more specific roles. For example, you could be an EKG technician, an office manager or a public health inspector. The options are almost endless. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistant employment is expected to surge by a total of nearly 30% between 2016 and 2026. This is significantly faster than the average rate for most occupations.

Medical Assistant Salary

The salary for a medical assistant varies by the job position and the state. For example, the average annual salary for a medical assistant in Washington is $41,340. You’re more likely to get paid more if you work in diagnostic laboratories or if you work as a surgical assistant.

Career Advancement

The other good news about getting into the medical assistant field is the potential for ongoing career advancement. Many people choose to work on additional degrees and advancement while they’re working as medical assistants. For example, you can work up to becoming an RN by applying prior coursework to an RN degree program.

Medical Assistant Timeline

– Start by taking a program from an accredited institution such as a community college or vocational school.

– Get certified through an agency like the American Association of Medical Assistants, which will expand your career options.

– Get experience by working in a medical office. Find out if your school helps students in job search and placement.

– Explore specializations like podiatry or ob-gyn. Obtaining additional certifications or specialized certifications can really open up your job opportunities.

– Consider taking additional education and training while you work in your current position.

Take the first step today by searching for medical assistant degrees online!