Five Simple Exercise Ideas for Seniors

According to recent findings, the number of seniors who die due to slips and falls is alarming. Slip and falls are generally a result of body balancing and walking issues. But this is an issue that can be curbed easily with adjusting your program and finding time to take exercises.

Even though you require exercising at every development stage, exercises are primarily crucial for the elderly health. This is because they help curb different chronic illnesses such as heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. Exercises for elderly citizens help to enhance stability and strength in a way that they can stand and walk confidently. By improving balance, endurance, strength, flexibility, senior citizens can remain healthier for an extended period.

Here are some exercise ideas recommended for the seniors:

1. Take Squats

Maintaining your health as a senior will require doing exercises that help in building muscles. Even if the process is a comprehensive one, the results after that are outstanding. However, squats exercises will require the elderly to start with a few basics then move to the vigorous ones. Squatting helps in strengthening the lower body enabling the older adult to stand for long.

Work with an experienced trainer to help you do squats professionally. The best way is to ensure the arms are in front and not extended towards your knees to help you get an excellent bending position. In this position, rise on your back at a standing posture and repeat at least ten times.

2. Aerobics

Burning fats and calories for the elderly is best done with taking aerobic workouts. There are plenty of benefits that come with aerobics exercises. Apart from burning calories, these workouts help in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels among seniors.

Besides, the movements are beneficial in enhancing the heart’s operation, maintaining the motion along the joints, and increasing energy levels. Start the workouts from five minutes sessions and then proceed to at least thirty minutes a day.

3. Make your Upper Body Strong by lifting your arms.

Consider taking light weights to assist in developing muscles on the upper body. On either a sitting or standing posture while your feet are flat on the floor, lift light weights at the height of your shoulders. The palms should be facing in front and the weights high above your head. You can do a repeat of at least ten times a day.

4. Push-Ups Exercises

Working on senior’s muscles along the arms, chest, and shoulders can be done perfectly with the push-up workouts. The workouts are a bit complex for the senior citizens but can be modified to wall push-ups.

At a standing position while at arm’s length, face a blank wall, then lean in front and then have your palms well-fixed against the wall. With your arm at a bending position, bring the upper body close to the wall, hold a breath for a minute, and then lean on your back with your arms straight. Ten reps a day will yield a fantastic outcome.

5. Curl Biceps Exercises

Building biceps is equally essential for improving the health of senior citizens. Arm curls have been proven to be the best exercise ideas for making your muscles solid and increasing movement rate.

You can do the biceps at a standing or sitting position while holding your hand weight down and the palms up as you bring the weights close to your chest. Ten repeats a day can do wonders as far as strengthening your muscle is concerned.


With the exercises mentioned above ideas, it becomes easy for a senior to live a healthy life free from chronic diseases. The ideas once embraced have helped most seniors improve their immune systems and live longer. However, before enrolling your loved one in any training sessions, seek advice from your doctor.