7 Efficient Ways to Avoid Overspending and Save Money

Now is the time to put a stop to your overspending habits. These 7 tips listed below can help you restart and create a solid plan on how you can stop spending too much money and start saving it for your goals and future.

Have a Budget Plan

If you don’t already have a budget planner, it’s about time you create or invest in one. There are several budget planner apps you can download on your phone or you can stick to a traditional physical budget journal.

In your budget plan, you must gather all your monthly bills, variable spending, and leave a section for savings.

Create a List Before Shopping

Creating a list and sticking to it when you shop is one of the most effective ways to prevent yourself from spending too much money on things you don’t need.

When jotting down your to-shop list, make sure to only include the things you think are necessary to purchase and skip the ones you still have or ones that you only want and are not a necessity.

Recognize Your Expenditure Triggers

To put a stop to your overspending habit, you must think about the factors that lead you to spend in the first place. Expenditure triggers can both be psychological and emotional.

If you recognize those triggers, find a way on how to resist them and switch off the thought of having to spend money.

Moreover, overspending can also be caused by upbringing; what you see your parents do growing up is what you are likely going to be doing when you become an adult. So if you think overspending runs in your blood, it’s about time you reflect on your lifestyle choices.

Switch to Cash and Stick to It

The problem with credit and debit cards is you don’t see the money physically leaving your hand, thus, you tend to overspend money through them. Therefore, the best way to put a stop to your poor spending habits is to switch to cash-based spending and stick to it.

If possible, leave your cards at home and don’t bring them with you unless you have to.

Delete Shopping Apps from Your Phone

Shopping apps are among the biggest culprits that lead people to overspend on things they don’t need. These apps will constantly bombard your phone with notifications for sales and deals which are criminally enticing.

Thus, the best solution is to delete them from your phone and never install one again.

Cook Your Food at Home

If you are accustomed to eating out or ordering food from restaurants and fast-food chains, then a huge portion of your income is spent on food. Without knowing it, even if you opt for cheap fast food, the total money you spend on food every month can be bloody expensive.

If you truly want to stop spending so much money and start saving, make your food at home from scratch. Moreover, make large food batches too so that you’ll just have to reheat them for the next meal times.

Create Short-Term Financial Goals

Having short-term attainable financial goals is a great motivation to keep yourself from spending on stuff that is not necessary. Moreover, these goals can also propel your motivation to cut back on your expenses and save money.


Overspending can cause you a lot of financial troubles when the time comes that you need a valuable amount of money. One of the reasons why many people don’t have savings is because they go by the thought of “you only live once”, thus, they spend their funds like there’s no tomorrow.