Don’t Give Into the Pressure of Lockdowns

For some reasons, the lockdown can feel like a blessing. You’ll finally have the time for yourself and have the rest you longed for. However, staying at home with the restriction of not going out can be suffocating. Most people feel out of tune with how their everyday lives used to be before the lockdown.

Anxiety starts to kick in, fear is constant, and the feeling of depression and despair becomes stronger and stronger each day. There’s also the persistent pressure to show up in real-life and online – looking vibrant and happy. There is also the pressure to perform work and responsibilities despite the limitations.

Not to mention the burden of just keeping sane despite everything. With all this pressure, how does one cope amid the lockdown and not get insane over the unusual things happening?

Here are few simple ideas that would help keep unburden the pressures of being in a lockdown.

1. Meditate

During this time, you should make meditation part of your lifestyle. A simple 10–15-minute meditation a day can work miracles in one’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Just sitting quietly and conscious with your breath can calm your nerves, slow down your heartbeat, and make you feel relaxed.

Meditation lets you to focus on the present moment. Consequently, you let go of the pressure of thinking and the fear the future that you may have.  It helps you to become more mindful of what’s happening at the moment.

2. Connect

Humans are inherent social creatures. They crave personal interactions. They long to be touched and usually thrive when around the people they love and trust.

When people connect and often communicate with those they care about, they feel happier and lighter. Don’t be pressured talking to friends and families in your raggedy home clothes with no make-up (unless it’s work, of course). No matter how you look, people who genuinely care for you will be happy to connect with you anytime, even online.

3. Move Around

There’s nothing worse than feeling sluggish and unhealthy. Staying at home can set any person’s lazy buttons. To avoid this, push yourself a little bit into doing some exercise and move around.

Not having an exercise routine is not an excuse. You can clean the house, water the plants, or organize your stuff at home. Just as long as you’re moving around doing some physical activities, you’ll be feeling a lot better.

4. Stay Grateful

This may sound cliché but appreciating even just the simplest things can drastically impact your wellbeing. Before you go to bed, list down at least three things you are grateful for each day. Before long, you’ll realize how blessed you are despite being in a lockdown.

5. Be Patient

The pressure starts to set in when people become impatient with themselves. They tend to compare their achievements with that of other people. By doing so, they put unnecessary pressure to compete or own what others have.

You don’t need to carry the unnecessary weight of having to achieve or prove something during the lockdown. It’s not good for you. Never judge yourself with what other people are doing. Trust the process. What and where you are right now is precisely where you need to be.


Staying inside your homes for an extended time and not doing what you used to can take a toll on your physical, emotional, and mental health. Besides keeping your sanity during lockdowns, it is also essential to ready yourself to go out as lockdown restrictions are eased. Everybody faces the same challenging situation, and you have no other option but to live through it and become a better, stronger person in the process.