6 Tips to Avoid Accidents While Driving Your Car

According to National Safety Council (NSC), road accident is one of the biggest cause of deaths in the US alone. As more people hit roadways, follow the tips below so you can avoid getting involved in any form of road accidents.

Don’t get distracted

It is so easy to get distracted when driving. Changing radio stations, answering your phone, or eating a snack are just some of the examples. Those distractions are of course dangerous for your safety. They can slow down your response during unexpected situations such as blown tires, road holes, crossing animals, and many more.

Proceed into traffic slowly and carefully

No matter how fast you need to get going, you should always proceed into traffic slowly and carefully. Listen and see if there’s an incoming vehicle, especially when it comes to a busy intersection. Look twice because there’s always a chance for a vehicle to appear out of nowhere.

Also, you need to look back when backing up. Backup slowly and be sure that there’s no incoming traffic when backing up. Do not rely solely on your mirrors because they have a limited viewing area.

Look ahead and keep your distance from other cars

The rule of thumb here is to focus and predict where will you and your car be in the next 12 seconds. This is to help you so that you can give the proper reaction to anything that happens on the road.

If you are driving on a highway, don’t get too close to the car in front of you. Getting too close to the car in front of you will reduce the amount of time you have to hit the brake in case something bad happens.

Keep your distance from big vehicles too. Big vehicles like semis and trailers have so many blind spots. This is why you have to be careful when driving near big vehicles.

Avoid driving when you feel unwell

Driving needs a high level of concentration. Therefore you should drive only when your body is fit and your mind is focused.

Driving when you are stressed or fatigued can lead to falling asleep. So, whenever it feels like you are getting sleepy or it is getting harder to concentrate on the road, look for a place to stop and do a little stretching. Or, when possible, take a power nap before you hit the road again.

Alcohol and drug consumption will also lower your concentration level. It can reduce your decision-making ability and your physical coordination, which is dangerous for you and other drivers as well.

Slow down when it rains and fogs

It is never a good idea to drive fast during bad weather. That is why we ask you to slow down during rains and fogs.

Both rain and fog reduces the grip of your tire and cuts down your visibility. Of course, both conditions are not ideal for driving.

Have you ever heard of “aquaplaning”? Aquaplaning is a condition when the tires completely lose their grip and float on a layer of water above the road instead. It will lead to your car losing control and it might lead to an accident.

Do proper maintenance for your car

A properly maintained car can save your life, especially if you own a modern car that is packed with a bunch of safety features. Thus, you must maintain your car’s condition and ensure that things like breaks, seat belts, and airbags are functioning.

Tires are also crucial for your safety. Both overinflating and underinflating your tires are not advisable. Read the manuals and give each tire the suggested air pressure.


The key to safe driving is keeping your body and car under good condition. A well-maintained body can react properly to any unwanted situation and a well-maintained car can protect you during road incidents.