Digital Marketing Can Lead To A Lucrative Social Media Career!

Social media can become more than just a way to spend your time. Parlay your interest in social media and the internet with an online Digital Marketing degree. Thousands of marketing companies worldwide are looking to hire skilled social media specialists. As you progress through a profitable and fulfilling career, you could easily earn an annual salary of more than six figures! If you’re serious about social media but not sure how to get started, apply to an online Digital Marketing degree program where you can get a broader understanding of how social media and digital marketing work together.

What Kind of Career Opportunities Can I Find in Digital Marketing?

People spend more time than ever in front of their screens, making digital marketing careers even more critical. Here are some of the best opportunities in the field.

Content Manager

Content managers are essential for digital marketing agencies as they oversee the development, distribution, and strategies involved in creating messages that interest core audiences. This role requires various people and project management skills, plus an ability to develop SEO-rich content to suit targeted audiences. Content managers organize, upload, and manage visual and written content, develop editorial calendars, analyze reports and develop strategies while overseeing a team of creative professionals.

SEO Specialist

As an SEO specialist, you’ll play an essential role in developing strategies and techniques to increase the number of visitors to a webpage. Becoming a search engine optimization specialist requires demonstrated proficiency in technical knowledge and digital marketing tactics to help clients obtain high-ranking search results.

Digital Project Manager

You can specialize as a digital project manager when you reach mid-level status in an organization. In this position, you’ll wear many hats as you’ll be responsible for overseeing your agency’s relationship with a client, managing their creative output, and ensuring that everyone on the team has the necessary tools to do their jobs. Your work will revolve around effectively managing team members, tracking their performance, and seeking areas for improvement.

Virtual Reality Developer

Virtual reality development involves more than creating three-dimensional environments. If you love a highly technical environment that requires software programming, three-dimensional design, and video and sound production skills, you can put your skills to work creating graphics, special effects, and more.

User Experience Designer

User experience is one of the most important factors when creating an engaging website. Your work will involve the entire journey users experience on an app or website, including sign-in, customer service interaction, and checkout, enticing customers to keep returning.

Email Marketing Specialist

As one of the most specialized digital marketing positions, email marketing specialists focus on creating emails, building mailing lists, and developing leads through written communications. These digital marketers should be well-versed in copywriting and editing.

Colleges and Universities Offering Digital Marketing

Digital marketing programs vary according to the type of school you choose. Students can elect to earn non-degree certificate programs, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees. Schools with highly rated programs include:

The University of Alabama at Birmingham offers a bachelor’s degree program conducted entirely online with collaborative networking opportunities, web analytics, and social media and virtual communities.

Arizona State University prepares students to earn a Bachelor of Science in digital audiences through data-driven strategies focusing on SEO, social media, and content creation.

Azusa Pacific University has online courses in digital marketing, global viral marketing, eCommerce and marketing, and analysis and optimization.

California State University allows students to pursue certificates and bachelor’s degrees in social media marketing, internet marketing, metrics, and insights.

Additional schools offering digital marketing programs include:
• Georgetown University
• University of Connecticut
• Sacred Heart University
• Santa Clara University

Digital Marketing Salaries

Digital marketers can earn comfortable annual salaries as follows, depending on their experience and industry:
• Content managers and strategies – $80,000+
• Digital project managers and directors – approximately $100,000
• Virtual reality developers and specialists – minimum of $65,000, with many positions paying between $80,000 and $100,000
• SEO specialists – minimum of $62,000, with experienced workers earning over $100,000
• User experience designers – minimum $50,000, depending on experience
• Email marketing managers and specialists – up to $50,000, depending on experience

Digital Marketing Career Outlook

The opportunities involved in digital marketing careers have become increasingly lucrative over the past several years as more businesses need a valid and enticing social media presence. Serious students will find various learning opportunities that will allow them to learn and expand their skill sets. Some programs provide initial degrees that make getting a foot in the digital door easy. Many programs have part-time programs so you can work in your field while learning. Digital marketing is an excellent career of choice to advance your skills.

With a fantastic selection of online programs and courses, you can hone your digital marketing skills at home by learning WordPress, SEO tactics, marketing automation, content development, and more.